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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Robert's Page with Beach Boys!

Linda Webb Craft won 4 tickets to the Beach Boys concert in Houston. They came with a limo, backstage passes, VIP area close to the stage, free food, and a seat practically RIGHT UNDER the biggest fireworks display in the history of Houston, Texas! Thanks for inviting me, Linda. IT WAS AWESOME! I should add that our good fortune was sponsored by BP America and KTRK, Channel 13.

Cathy Webb Regenthal, Linda Webb Craft, and Christy Jones

Cathy Webb Regenthal, Linda Webb Craft, and Christy Jones just after our arrival at the Beach Boys concert.

Policeman on a horse.

Policeman on a horse. Pretty cool.

Flying trapeze

There is a trapeze artist under this helicopter. Misha, Gabriel and Gerry - this is what happens when you don't finish college!

The crowd

The crowd just before the concert. The Houston Chronicle estimated there were 100,000 people there throughout the day!

Linda, Christy, a Beach Boy, me and Cathy

This is what happens when you ask someone else to take a picture with your camera. Cathy and another Beach Boy are cut out. But Linda, Christy, and one Beach Boy are all there. They gave us lots of individual attention. My favorite quote was, "OK, you're finished. Move along, now."

Kelly and Kyle

My niece, Kelly, and her fiance, Kyle. They'll be graduating from San Angelo State in a year, then getting married and going on a honeymoon to Orlando. They're not busy or happy...well, yes they are!

Cathy in a cute pose

Our driver, Jimmy, Linda in the back, and Cathy posing for the camera. The limo was SO COOL! I want one!

Cathy and I in the limo

Cathy and I in one end of the limo.

Linda and Christy in the limo

Linda and Christy in the other end of the limo. It had colored dancing lights on the ceiling, crystal, ice and drinks in the wet bar (I had a Perrier!), a TV, CD player, beautiful leather seats, and a really great driver named Jimmy. He definitely added to the occasion.

The Beach Boys on stage

The Beach Boys on stage. The highlight for me was when they played "Surfer Girl" and I danced with Cathy, just like we did at Vicky Westbeld's house in 1967.

Houston skyline

Houston skyline

Houston skyline again

I love the Houston skyline. The architecture is fantastic.


Katie is my sister Sheleigh's dog. She has it rough, doesn't she?

The reunion trip has been an overwhelming experience for me. It will be weeks before I sort it all out. Thanks to the committee again...your hard work made it a huge success! I hope to come again in three years, but if my plans work out, I'll be coming from Europe then!