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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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At the reunion - the 29th

The first night of the reunion was a cocktail hour at the Nassau Bay Hilton in Clear Lake City. It was wonderful. Just a warm-up, but the committee was SO smart. If there had only been one event on one night, we could never have talked to everyone we wanted to. Well, we didn't anyway, but we would have missed so much more!

Dick Wechtenhiser and Larry Dean

I had to start with a picture of Dick Wechtenhiser. Larry Dean is on the right. Dick is now famous for his caustic remarks on the reunion website. He personally caused a huge increase in the attendance because so many people were after him!

Debby Tresidder Baker and Vicki Fant

Debby Tresidder Baker and Vicki Fant. I'm SORRY AGAIN for not knowing all the married names! Whenever I know it, I'll put it in. Debby still has that great smile.

Gary Davis, Scott Laird, and Larry Dean schmoozing.

Gary Davis on the left, Scott Laird in the middle, and Larry Dean on the right. I never got the chance to talk to Scott. The reunion was like that, though. We probably passed right by old friends but were too busy to slow down and read a name tag.

Jodie Otwell and Norma Otwell

Jodie Otwell and Norma Odell having a chat.

Jim and Luanne Cullen

Jim kept reminding me that he and I had married above ourselves. Can't argue with him. Sometimes he's a little too self-deprecating though. He has dedicated his life to teaching and helping young people...I think Luanne snagged a pretty good catch herself.

Judy Griffith and Suzanne Massey

Judy Griffin (former cheerleader) and Suzanne Massey (former twirler), two women who had the unmitigated gall to show up at a 30-plus year reunion looking as good as the day they graduated.

Kathleen Tees

Kathleen Tees was one of the few people I recognized name tag necessary!

Mike Offenhauser and John Vasquez

Mike Offenhauser and John Vasquez. Mike shared the lunch bill at Gringo's with Skip Holman. Great food and a great time to share more memories.

Cathy Webb Regenthal, Faye Grabbe and Linda Webb Craft

Cathy Webb Regenthal seems to be enjoying the scene while Johnny pours Fay Grabbe a drink. Linda Webb Craft is looking good in her sari!

Bonny Carter and her boyfriend

Bonnie Carter and her boyfriend, John. Dr. Bonnie was low key on Friday, but she was a serious wild child on Saturday.

Big sister Donna Smith Gutierrez with her husband, Frank

My big sister, Donna Smith Gutierrez, with her husband, Frank. I think they're having fun.

Jennie Browning and Regina Riley

Jennie Browning and Regina Riley. I used to pick on Jennie on the Lomax school bus. I pretty much continued the tradition on the reunion website and at the reunion itself. She's still a cutie.

Yankee Phillips, Rick Day, my big brother, John Smith, and someone else I should know but don't

Yankee Phillips, Rick Day, my big brother John Smith, and David Wall.

John Opre and his wife?

OK, I KNOW this is John Opre, who turned out to be pretty cool for an underclassman. And I HOPE this is his wife. Heck, I wish she were MY wife! (Just kidding, John!)

Kandy Kabine and Norma Odell

Kandy Kabine and Norma Odell. Kandy is still a cutie. And Norma is confident enough to jump into lots of pictures!

Laddie La Rochelle and Phil Church

Laddie La Rochelle Hall and Phil Church. Don't know why I wound up with more pictures of Laddie than of Ted, although he'd probably be the first to admit she's more photogenic.

Ron and Cheryl Berry (brother and sister, remember!)

Ron Berry, with whom I had a nice conversation about photography, and his little sister, Cheryl. She had the most gorgeous red hair in high school and I think I had a crush on EVERY redhead. You too, Bonny!

Sherry Walls and her husband

Sherry Walls Righmer and her husband., David. They only came to the Friday night event. They had to leave for her daughter's wedding in the Bahamas!

Skip Holman and his wife

Preacher Skip Holman and his wife, Marilyn. Thanks for all the work, Skip. And your wife is a saint!

Brother-in-law Steve Carmichael and ANOTHER person I should know but don't

My brother-in-law, Steve Carmichael, '69, takes a break with ANOTHER unknown person!