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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Simone's Highlights

Simone and the boys at Kannonzaki Beach

Simone Alio came all the way from Perpignan, France for a visit!

The boys and Deborah in Tokyo

First, Simone visited her friend Deborah in Tokyo. Vera and the boys went there to pick her up.

Vera and Simone

Vera and Simone in our living room. We thought the bookcase as a background would be colorful AND show how smart we are!

Simone and Deborah near a cherry tree

They found an early blooming cherry tree. We think the trees will bloom earlier this year because it's so warm, but this tree beat them all.

Simone and Robert

I really had a great time visiting with Simone, too.

A house in Kamoi

This is a house in our neighborhood that Simone likes. Of course, we like it, too!

A view of the sea

A view of the sea from a trail in Kannonzaki Nature Park. This park surrounds our little village of Kamoi.

Simone and Gerry at the bamboo forest

On her last day with us, Simone went to Ikego with Vera and the boys to take a walk in the bamboo forest there. We will miss her, but we had such a wonderful time while she was here.

Cathouses in Kamoi!

These are cat houses! A person in our neighborhood has a whole cat community.

A tidal pool

This is a tidal pool at our beach. It amazes me that people throw so much trash on the beach and into the sea, but the water stays so clear.

Sea Hawk

Simone, Vera and the boys had an encounter with one of these sea hawks. When they went to the bamboo forest, they got pizza for lunch and were eating it outside at a picnic bench. Misha had a big piece in his hands and was ready to take a bite, when one of these huge birds swooped down and took it right out of his hand! It happened so fast, no one saw it happen...they just looked up and saw the hawk flying off with it.

Simone on the rocks

So mysterious...doesn't she look great?