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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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A mountain lake, volcanoes, cable cars, bubbling sulphur springs, beautiful forests, hot baths and great food - what a great place for a vacation!

Garden at the Museum of Art

This garden was so peaceful and cool on a hot summer day.

Temple at Lake Ashi

This is the temple at Lake Ashi.


These are the steps you climb to get to the temple.

Palace on Ashi Lake

This palace is close to the temple. Usually, you get a nice view of Mt Fuji from the lake, but the clouds hid Fuji-san all day.

Pirate Ship

Sulphur spring

The water in the stream is milky because of all the sulphur.

Lake Ashi

A temple dog

Another temple dog

These two dogs guard the temple from evil spirits.

Sulphur fumes

This steam is from the boiling sulphur just under the surface. They use the steam to cook eggs. If you eat the egg, you're supposed to live longer.

Boiling sulphur

This is a pool of boiling sulphur!

Hakone brochure

This is a scan of the Hakone tourist brochure.

We have to go back to Hakone one more time. It's supposed to be even more beautiful in the fall.