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LAD Advancement
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Weekly Schedule
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Check this page at least once a week. If you're absent, PLEASE read it before you come to class. Homework assignments and people who owe me a blue slip will also be on this page.

Blue slips from Koike-san and Hirasawa-san, please!

Schedule for January 12-16:
Monday - Finish "Bowling for Columbine" and watch "Survivor" Reunion.
Tuesday - Ck homework from Thursday. Begin blue pages for Lesson 2
Wednesday - class.
Thursday - Ck L2 blue pages. Begin lesson three.
Friday - Vocab, reading, restrictive clauses (grammar).

Monday - No homework
Tuesday - Finish L2 blue pages
Wednesday - no homework
Thursday - Read and answer, pages 100-102
Friday - Read and answer, pages 104-105