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LAD Advancement

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Welcome Splash

Happy New Year!

Our basic course design is simple. We will use Mondays for videos, discussion, listening, etc. We will not use the ALC. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we will work with the ALC. You will be expected to do homework 2 or 3 times a week. We will finish a book once a month, take the book quiz, then take the ALCPT. If you study, make good grades on the book quizzes, and make the milestones for each book, you will be very close to LAD 4 by the time we finish!

Welcome back! Check the schedule page to see what we're doing January 12 - 16!  I'll try to stay on schedule a little better this week. 

LAD Advancement Class
Our goal is for all students to achieve LAD 3 by June 2004.


An unscheduled movie, but one that makes us think.