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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Our day at the zoo was nice - sunny, but not too hot. I personally liked the cafeteria!

Gabriel and the bears

Gabriel decided the bear cub statue needed a hat more than he did.


Look at the habitat this jackal has. The zoo is designed to be as close to real for the animals as possible. In fact, it's so well designed for them, sometimes you can't see them at all!

Raccoon dog

These are some cool animals you're just not going to see in most zoos. They are Japanese raccoon dogs and seem very comfortable in their home.

Tiger stalking

Of course, the tiger could see through the glass, too. Small children would get "the stare" - his way of saying, "If there were no glass here, you'd be lunch."

Fish eagle

It was hard to get a good shot of this Japanese fish eagle. It is the largest bird of prey in Japan - a bit larger than a bald eagle. This one was rescued after it broke its wing. The wing healed, but he can't fly well enough to be released.

Tiger stretching

You view the Asian tiger through glass. He liked to put his paws up on the glass and s-t-r-e-t-c-h back. Quite a show.

Imagine, if you will

The bamboo is spaced out for the zoo visitors. If this were a wild stand of bamboo, you would see why a tiger's stripes are good camouflage.

A cool swim

Vera loves bears. This guy was really active, swimming back and forth in the cool water.

The Zoorasia brochure

We saw most of the animals on the front of the brochure. But the ones that want to hide can do that at this zoo. It was a great day!