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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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San Francisco

I was in San Francisco and Napa Valley for 8 days in January. This page is for pictures in San Francisco with John and Laura, Sheleigh and Steve, and Amanda.

The weather was great for most of my trip. We managed to visit Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, downtown, the Aquarium of the Bay, LOTS of restaurants, and the Cafe du Nord (more about that on Amanda's Wedding page).


There it is!  The great Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory.


Laura rounded up the usual suspects: Steve, Sheleigh, myself and John. We're near Ghirardelli Square. Notice the fake streetcar behind us. We're SUCH good tourists!


Laura, Sheleigh, and Steve on Fisherman's Wharf.


Laura buying chocolate. It's ok, though. Everyone knows tourist calories don't count. Besides, how can you go to San Francisco and not buy chocolate?


This is a street in San Francisco. Cool houses on a steep hill.


Coit Tower on top of Telegraph Hill. If I were really a thorough webmaster, I would have researched and told you why it's there and what it symbolizes. Sorry, kids, do your own homework!


Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. I think it would be an appropriate place for the next family reunion.


The loud, rude, obnoxious and oh so cute sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf.


Here's Sheleigh buying chocolates. Notice there's no picture of me buying chocolate. Since I'm on a diet, it would just be WRONG to take a picture of me buying chocolate. Did I mention this place has TRUFFLES?


Chinatown is a really interesting place. I found the Happiness Cafe to have lunch. I was the only Anglo and had to point to a picture to order my food. Chinese people crammed into the place, communal tables, the world's strangest dessert cart circling the room constantly, my monthly MSG limit in one meal. It was great!


The TransAm building...another San Francisco trademark.


The other end of the bay with the other bridge - The Oakland-Bay Bridge.