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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Scenery from the visits

Here are some shots from around Japan from Simone, Olga, and Lana's visits.

Kyoto Temple

A temple in Kyoto.

More from Kyoto

Another Kyoto temple.

Another Kyoto temple

A close up of the temple on the hill in Kyoto.

Sulphur fumes from Hakone

Volcanic sulphur fumes from Hakone.

Heron in Kyoto

A heron in a garden in Kyoto.

Rock garden

A rock garden in Kyoto. Misha asked what was so important about rock gardens. They offer serenity, simplicity, and harmony - qualities hard to find in our modern world.


This is the BEST shot of Hakone. I think Vera took it.


Some types of trees bloom early. Next week I'll have a "Springtime in Japan" page to show off cherry blossoms and other flowers.

Cat and statue

Look closely! There's a cat who very much resembles our Smoke sleeping under the lion statue.

Olga and Misha

Misha and Olga under a Torii. Misha says passing under them has a purifying effect.

Another scene from Hakone

Another view of Mt Fuji from Hakone.

Vera on our beach

Vera walking on our beach in Kamoi. This is actually from last summer, but this is one of the first places we always take visitors.