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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Olga and Lana in Japan

Olga and Lana

Olga and Lana came to visit us for 8 days. It was a very busy, wonderful time. They went everywhere, seeing sights and turning heads. This picture was taken just down the street from our house in Kamoi.

Kamakura, Hakone, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kannonzaki...nice Japanese names of beautiful places. We hope the pictures will give you some idea of what Lana and Olga did while they were here AND show you what you're missing if you don't come to visit!

Scene from Kyoto

A temple in Kyoto.

Another scene from Hakone

A nice view of the lake in Hakone with a Torii Gate and Mt Fuji in the background.

A view of Mt Fuji from Hakone

Hakone is famous for great views of Fuji-san, the changing of the leaves in the fall, beautiful lakes and temples, and peaceful forest trails.

Vera and the boys in Hakone

Vera and the boys went with Olga and Lana to visit Hakone. I forgot to mention the lakes and fancy boats!

Hot spring bath at the Hakone Youth Hostel

This is a hot springs bath at the youth hostel. After everyone else was in bed, Vera and Olga got brave and tried it out!

At a temple

Olga, Vera and Lana. They were SO busy...I THINK this is at Hakone.

Olga on stepping stones

This is at a temple and garden in Kyoto. We have a family picture of the same place from when we all went last year.

Vera and the boys on stepping stones

Here they are...just for historical perspective!


This is the VERY helpful subway map you see when you go underground in Tokyo. No English. None - except where it says "Tokyo Subway Map." THAT'S helpful! But our crew navigated Tokyo successfully.

In hotel kimonos

Japanese hotels supply these kimono-style robes. Aren't they cute!

The bullet train!

Vera looking at the speedometer on the bullet train. For some reason, when we transferred the photo to the internet, it made the numbers unreadable. The train is going 168 kilometers per hour!

In Kyoto

This is in Kyoto.

Lana and early cherry blossoms

Pretty girls and pretty blossoms...nice combination, isn't it?

Lana and Vera and blossoms

More beautiful women and beautiful flowers...and I had to work!

Olga on the rocks

This is Olga on the rocks at a beach near our house. Great photo, isn't it? I think Vera took it.