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Bulldog in Georgia

For Vera and the boys
Royal Palace of Cambodia
Temples, Monuments, and Museums
Streets of Phnom Penh
Radisson Blu Hotel - Home Away from Home
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It was so hard to take down my Cambodia site. As you can see, I'm leaving a page, mostly for myself, from my time in Cambodia. But I'm so overwhelmed by Tbilisi and Georgia. I love real winter with snow and ice, so I'm happy here - home, even. It doesn't hurt that I have such great friends like Medea and her husband, Shota, here. I have only begun to explore the capital city and of course I have plans to see other parts of this beautiful country. This is also the first time Vera is making serious plans to come visit me while I'm here! Anyway, I'll be here 6 months, so this site will grow over the months.