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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Even more scenes from Kyoto

Even though we put a lot of pictures from Kyoto up, there were lots more we didn't. It was just such a beautiful place. We're really blessed that we got the opportunity to see it.

The gardens around Nijo Castle

Cherry blossoms at Nijo castle

Part of Nijo Castle compound

Main entrance to Nijo Castle

The roof at Nijo Castle

I liked the pattern of the roof on the castle.

Front entrance for Nijo Castle compound

Nijo Castle gate

This is the gate to the central complex at Nijo Castle.

Nijo Castle gate carvings

This is the carving and artwork in the arch in the gate above.

Another view of main entrance

Moat at Nijo Castle

This is the moat around the castle.

OK, I only have a couple hundred more photos...wait a minute, what's that sound? Oh my God, it's a SWAT team! Just a second, they're saying something on their bullhorn...
"That's enough, Mr. Smith! Step away from the scanner!" Oh. OK, OK, I guess I can stop until the next update. Hope you liked it!