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Robert Smith and His Family in Japan


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Our friend, Cathy

Cathy let me stay with her and her son during the reunion. She's a wonderful host and a great friend!

Linda, Cathy and I at NASA

Cathy was my girlfriend in '67-'68. She is now a true friend of the family. She was my "date" at the La Porte High School reunion. We had a wonderful time.

Cathy on the right; her sister Linda on the left

Linda, on the left, is Cathy's big sister. She's flying to Japan for a Girl Scout trip on the same day I fly back! She's flying to Kyoto, though, so we won't be on the same flight.

Mindy kicking a dead eel

Felix the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat. You'll laugh so much your sides will ache, your heart will go pitter pat, thanks to Felix, the wonderful cat! No, wait...different Felix. This is Cathy's cat, Felix. He's VERY cool!

Thunder the wonder dog

Cathy's dog, Thunder. She's pretty cool, too. I'm not sure she realizes she's a dog, though.

I can't say enough about what a great friend Cathy is. She's a CPA from Texas A&M and used to do our taxes. When we move to Europe, she's going to come visit us. This is the worst part about living overseas...being so far from friends and family.